What You Need To Know About Wife Swapping

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There are a few things that you should know about wife swapping. You will find that this is something that a lot of couples are interested in. You are going to need to make sure that you are able to understand what it is all about and what to expect so that you and your partner can have a lot of fun.


You may need to make sure that you go over some ground rules with the couple that you are swapping with. You need to also discuss with your wife about if there are any specific rules that you both want to set for each other. It can be something that can end up getting messy and complicated if you are not able to set some ground rules first.

Other Couples

You will need to make sure that you are very choosy when it comes to the couples that you end up swapping with. It is important that both of you feel comfortable with these people, especially your wife. This is something that is going to end up being either a lot of fun or really scary and uncomfortable depending on the other couple that you choose. Just make sure that you trust and like them.


Some people consider this to be a form of cheating. However, if you and your partner are both on board with the situation and are open and honest about what happens, then it really technically isn’t considered to be cheating on your partner.

Voyeuristic Activities In Swinging

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Swinging isn’t just about participating in sex with others. Many people enjoy swinging for the voyeuristic aspect involved. The swinging community is an open group, and most activities are welcomed. Here’s a closer look at some of the more common voyeuristic activities involved with swinging.


Many men are attracted to the idea of another man having sex with their partner in front of them. It can also be a turn on for women who have a fantasy of making their partner watch while they have sex with someone else. This is also a common activity among swingers. In swingers clubs people can find other swingers or single men for this activity.

Soft Swinging

A lot of swingers will go to events just to watch other people, and get worked up and have sex with each other. When a swinging couple decides not to have sex with others, but just watch, this is called soft swinging. Since many swingers like the idea of exhibitionism, this arrangement can work out well for many. It’s also not discouraged at all, as long as the couple who wants to watch has been invited to do so.

Watching And Participating

Many swingers also like to watch as a form of foreplay. These couples may ask if they can watch and then become involved later. It’s common to find partners getting together with other couples to explore bisexuality. If a woman wants to experience a lesbian encounter, they may invite their partners to watch depending on the type of arrangement they have worked out.

Fulfilling Sexual Desires

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Fulfilling sexual desires is something that can really be enjoyable for you and your partner. You will find that this is something that can really keep your sex life fun and interesting. Not being able to tell your partner what your fantasies and desires are is something that can really end up making you both feel very sexually frustrated.


The first thing that you are going to have to do is be completely and totally honest with your partner about what your sexual desires are. Whether it is something as simple as making a sex tape or something a little bit more risqué like dogging or swinging you will find that the first step in getting your desires fulfilled is to be completely and totally honest with your partner about what you want.


You will need to make sure that you and your partner get together and organize what it is going to take to get you and their desires fulfilled. This is something that is really going to bring you together on many different levels. Even if it is something simple, make sure that you take the necessary steps together.

Do It

You will find that your desires are going to remain just that unless you are going to be able to just do it. It will be something that will help to strengthen your relationship and be more sexually satisfied both with each other and simply in general. Whenever your sexual desires are paid attention to, you will enjoy sex on a whole other level.

Convincing Your Spouse To Swing

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Swinging is something that many people have thought about. It provides a completely open sexual environment where you can try new things and have sex with different people. It’s completely possible to end up falling in love with someone who doesn’t share this desire. While you shouldn’t pressure your spouse in to this, there are some things you can say to help them open up a little to this.

Dispel The Myths

One reason many people shy away from swinging is the stereotypes involved. So many people assume swinging is about nothing more than just sex. A lot of women assume it’s a way for their husbands to have sex freely with other people. While this is part of it, it’s not all about this. Swinging is about communication and open sexual expression. Swingers always have ground rules that they set with their partners. If you help your spouse understand that neither of you will do anything that you aren’t 100% comfortable with, it may help open them up to the possibility.


Sometimes watching other swingers in action can help change someones mind. While you aren’t likely to get your spouse to go to a club if they aren’t interested, you can rent some videos of swingers at any adult video store. This is a good way to kind of break it and show them what it really is about. You never know, it may turn them on and allow them to decide to try it out.

Never Pressure

If your spouse isn’t open, don’t push it. Pressuring them will end up backfiring. Even if they do eventually cave, if they weren’t truly okay with the experience they will end up with building resentment. If the swinging thing isn’t going to work out, you are better off trying new things in the bedroom between the two of you.

Attracted To A Swinging Lifestyle

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Being attracted to a swinging lifestyle is not abnormal in any way. Many people are curious about it, and excited about the possibility of being able to express themselves more openly when it comes to sex. If you are attracted to the lifestyle but are still on the fence, here is what swinging is and isn’t.

The Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief swingers don’t wake up with sex on the brain. They live regular lives just like everyone else. The key difference is what happens when the lights go out. Swingers are part of a community of people who are open sexually and don’t confuse sex and love. They are open minded and enjoy being able to express freely their wants and desires.

Parties And Clubs

Part of the swinger lifestyle is attending parties and clubs. These are designated safe areas for swingers to meet other swingers and have fun. Some swingers try to attend parties or clubs every weekend, while others just go occasionally. Clubs provide security and a safe atmosphere, and parties can be more open than what the clubs allow. The purpose is to have a place to explore fetishes and sexual desires without being shunned.

Meeting Swingers

If you aren’t ready to jump in to the club scene, you can try to start out by meeting other swingers online. You can find many websites dedicated to swingers. Creating a profile, regardless if you are in a partnered situation or single, is a good way to meet others in your area that will help you get a jump in to the lifestyle.

Coming Out As A Swinger

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Being a swinger is something that is still very difficult in today’s society. It’s a misunderstood lifestyle that many people consider deviant. While swingers know they have perfectly healthy relationships, many people don’t feel this way. If you want to come out as a swinger, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.

Why Are You Coming Out?

It may not be necessary to come out to the world as a swinger. If you are coming out to a close loved one, or a potential partner, then yes, it is a good idea. However, if you are coming out because you simply want people to know, then you are setting yourself up to lose friends and create gossip.

Explain The Lifestyle
As you decide to come out, it’s important to dispel a lot of the myths that surround the swinging community. Explain that you aren’t deviant, and you aren’t a slut. Instead, you prefer to enjoy the sexual companies of others. If you only swing with a few partners, then mention this. It will help your cause to bring this up.

Expect The Stares

If you choose to come out to bring awareness, you need to expect a certain amount of backlash for this. You can’t spend your entire life explaining to people what it is and isn’t. You may lose friends if you come out to very conservative ones. You may also stir up some water cooler talk. Friends that are true will try to understand even if they don’t agree with it.

Old Vs Young Swingers

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Swingers come in all ages. While you may be in your 30s and only want to swing with others of your age, you should understand that the community has been around for decades. Some people are older, and some enjoy swinging with older couples. There are going to be a few differences in the mentality between the young and old. Here’s what you should know.

Open Swinging

Younger couples are actually more apt to participate in soft swinging, while older couples are more apt to be okay with open swinging. This doesn’t make one group more enlightened than another, it just means that with age and experience comes a different attitude and opinion. Couples who have been together for a long time are much more secure in their relationship, and open swinging isn’t out of the question. They have also had more experience with what does and doesn’t work for them. You can learn a lot about the lifestyle and how things have changed by befriending an older swinging couple.

Clubs Vs Parties

Younger swingers are more apt to participate in club events, while older swingers are typically more comfortable in privately hosted parties. A lot of this has to do with comfort levels, and a lot has to do with how others view older swingers. This doesn’t mean that a party will be full of older swingers, or that a club will be devoid of them. Again, it’s just a difference in comfort levels.


While swingers try to maintain a safe and healthy experience, an older swinging couple is more likely to have had a run in with STDs. Swingers who were active in the 60s and 70s may be at a higher risk. Some STDs take years to show up, and even with testing it’s possible to have one and not know about it.

The Swinging Phenomena

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Swinging first started gaining popularity in the late 60s, but the phenomenon has been around much longer than that. In the last decade the popularity has picked up, and society is slowing becoming more open to the idea. There are many reasons people consider swinging and the phenomenon is growing.

Biological Reasons

While this is still a controversial topic, many scientists believe that humans have a biological drive to procreate with many people. The idea is that as we evolved, the more children we had the stronger our chances of survival became. It would ensure the bloodlines would continue. While this stands in the face of traditional marriage, it is a theory that is becoming more popular. As many couples realize that monogamy just isn’t going to work for them, they turn to swinging as a way to secure their marriage without being restricted to monogamy.


Other couples have a much simpler reason for wanting to swing. Many couples have fantasies about watching each other be intimate with others. Some couples have fantasies of bisexuality. Swinging provides a good outlet for this. As long as rules are set and jealousy is dealt with appropriately, this can be a great way to explore fantasies without messing up the partnership.

Clubs And Parties

Today swingers can be more open. Clubs have popped up all over the world that will allow for swingers to swing in a secured and safe environment. Many swingers also host private parties, and some of these parties are posted online. You can find these by searching through different swingers forums and strike up a conversation with some other swingers. The community is very strong and tight knit. Once you get invited to one, you will likely continue to receive invitations.

Thinking About Swinging?

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Many couples think about swinging. Fantasies can build of watching your partner with another, or maybe you have thought about trying some bisexual activities. Either way, swinging may or may not be the answer. If you are considering trying this out, here are a few things you should keep in mind.


Jealousy is part of human nature. While we may fantasize about something at home, seeing it play out in real life can be a different monster entirely. Before you decide to jump in the game this is something you and your partner need to seriously discuss. This is where rules also come in to play. If you don’t set rules, you will be faced with some very uncomfortable situations later on.

Finding Others

It’s also a good idea to spend some time getting to know other swingers before you decide to attend a club or party. This will give you an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about the lifestyle, and become comfortable enough with the others to form a bond. You can find other swingers by signing up for a swingers dating site, or by searching for local forums. Many clubs are very open to first timers, and you could also attend an event without participating just to test the waters. This way if either of you become uncomfortable there is no pressure to play and you can just leave without hurting anyone.

Just Getting Into Swinging Advice

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For those who are just starting out in the swinging lifestyle, it can be nerve wracking at first. You have to deal with nerves, being unsure of what’s expected, and worrying about meeting new swinging partners. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and overcome these feelings. Here’s some great advice to help you along.

Don’t Play Right Away

If you find a swingers club nearby, it’s worth it to get a short term membership. You aren’t going to be expected to play when you go either. If you let the club know that you are new to the lifestyle, they will gladly help you become acquainted. You will also find that other swingers are very open to this. Just remember, even the old dogs were young and new at one point.

Understand The Expectations

While there aren’t written rules for swinging, there are unwritten expectations. Most clubs and parties will have some rules written as well. In general, don’t be a creep. This means don’t get involved if you weren’t invited. Don’t watch if you weren’t asked. Never try to come between a swinger and their partner, and always discuss everything with your partner. If you are new to swinging other swingers will be able to help you start to understand the lifestyle a little more.

Put Yourself Out There

If you don’t want to jump in to the club scene immediately, but are looking for a couple swingers to mingle with, try your hand at an online profile. This is a good way to meet other swingers and get to know what it’s about before you jump in to a more hardcore scene.


You may be happy swinging in your own town, but many may prefer to travel, usually its about privacy and not wanting to bump into a neighbour or relation at a swing meet, so keep your options open, place your ad in the area relevant to you and routinely scan the other ads in your area for potential meets.