Old Vs Young Swingers

Swingers come in all ages. While you may be in your 30s and only want to swing with others of your age, you should understand that the community has been around for decades. Some people are older, and some enjoy swinging with older couples. There are going to be a few differences in the mentality between the young and old. Here’s what you should know.

Open Swinging

Younger couples are actually more apt to participate in soft swinging, while older couples are more apt to be okay with open swinging. This doesn’t make one group more enlightened than another, it just means that with age and experience comes a different attitude and opinion. Couples who have been together for a long time are much more secure in their relationship, and open swinging isn’t out of the question. They have also had more experience with what does and doesn’t work for them. You can learn a lot about the lifestyle and how things have changed by befriending an older swinging couple.

Clubs Vs Parties

Younger swingers are more apt to participate in club events, while older swingers are typically more comfortable in privately hosted parties. A lot of this has to do with comfort levels, and a lot has to do with how others view older swingers. This doesn’t mean that a party will be full of older swingers, or that a club will be devoid of them. Again, it’s just a difference in comfort levels.


While swingers try to maintain a safe and healthy experience, an older swinging couple is more likely to have had a run in with STDs. Swingers who were active in the 60s and 70s may be at a higher risk. Some STDs take years to show up, and even with testing it’s possible to have one and not know about it.

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